Bates - BT766 B3 1699

126 Spiritual Perfecchati. blemifhes, appears complete when colt.. parid with the foul deformity of Sin. tiers. Thus the oppofition between them is exprefs'd, He deflroys the perfect and the ;Picked. 'Tis Recorded of Noah, that' he ivas ajuji andperfect man in hisgeneration: in an Age when Wickednefs reign'd , when Chaftity was expell'd from the number of Vertues, and Modeí}y was cenfur'd as a Vice, when Impiety was ar- riv'd at the higheft pitch, and the De- luge was neceffary to purge the World from fuch Sinners : then the fan&ity and piety of Noah Ihin'd as brightnefs iffues from the Stars. He appear'd perfectly good, compar'd with the prodigioufly bad. 2. In comparing the Saints among themfelves, forme are ftil'd perfea. There are different degrees among Sinners forne are fo difpos'd to Wickednefs that theymay be denominated from as many Vices that poffefs their Souls, as the Evil Spirit in the man fpokenof in the Gofpel, anfwer'd, his naníe was Legion, from the number of Devils that pof efs'dhim. They drive through all the degrees of Sin fo violently and furioufly, that coma parid to them, other Sinners feem In- nocent , and are far lefs obnoxious to judgment, rob 9. 22. Gen. 6. oius habet frelerum, quic- quid pofedimus òmnes. Claud. in Ruffinum. In uno Gcefare anultos Marios efe. Thus