Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PerfeElion. wickednefs fo unnatural and prodigiou§, ttzat it has left a brand of Infamy®n him for ever : This is the King Ahaz, that defperate Rebel againíf God. The Ido- latry of "Manaffes was aggravated with Rich Open Contempt of God, that made it infinitely more provoking than the fe- cret Idolatry of others. 'Tis related, he fit a carved image, that he hadmade, in the hoúfe of God, of which God hadPaid to David, and to Solomon his Son; in this houfe will IpHt my namefor ever. He de- pofed God, and with the bold& Defi- ance fet an Idol in hisThrone before his Face. I will pi°oduee fotie Ínílances of the Exercife of Grace. in its Radiancy and Power, both in Doingand Suffering. Abraham received a Command, Take. now thy Sorg, thy Only Son Ifaac, whom' thou .loveff, and go to the land ofMoriah, and offer him there for a burnt - Offering. FIo«r many Circumftances with refpea to Na- ture and Grace, inereafs'd the difficulty of his Obedience ? The Command wa's fo hard, God would not pern it the M. filling it. Ifaac Was the O'bjed 6f his molt ardent defires, in whom- he lived more dearly than in himfeff : When his own Life was almoffi expir'd, add waSt Miraculoufly renewed in his' Sod, the k Heir 129