Bates - BT766 B3 1699

128 Spiritual Perfe ion. in the heat of the Contention, when there is a great difpofition to be fir'd by Anger, when the filent and patient bear- ing the Indignity might be interpreted as a Conviction of his Guilt, yet he calmly endur'd their falfe Charge. How great is the difparity between Mofes and 7o- nah ? Faeroe plurima 3. In comparing lot= railed aas of mediocr=ter Grace, with lower in the famekind,there unum al uid is a perfeaion attributed to them. infigniter. Plin. P As Ep. ag. 'tis in Diamonds, many (mall ones are not of equal value with one great one, though of equal weight with it : fo one as of Piety, of Faith, of Charity, of Self-denial, may for its rarenefs, exempla- rinefs, and efficacy, have fuch a Divine . degree of worth in it, that it far excells many lets illuflrious effeas of thole Graces. As a fingle aE of Wickednels may be fo extremely evil, fo enormoufly vicious as to exceed many Crimes in its pollution and guilt of the farne kind. There are Tome infances of this in Scrip- ture : Ahaz in the time of his diftrefs, didyet tre/jaffmore againf? the Lord. Judg- ments-in their nature and Gods defign are fit means to foften the obdurate, as Iron is made malleable by the Fire : but to kick againil the pricks, to be more fhb- born by the infliaion of Wrath, that fhould Correa Men into t weir Duty, is a wicked-