Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Per f eediorî . Y 3 3 produce the bell Fruits in its kind,though not equal to the Fruit of the Vine, 'tis perfeEtly good. Thus in the World there are feveral Conditions of Life a- mong Men form: are in places of Dig- nity and Superiority : others of fubjeEi- on and fervice. A Servant that is faith- ful and diligent, adorns the Goffiel, and exeels in that Relation, and is equally accepted of God, as others in a higher order. He that gain'd two Talents was efleem'd as faithful , as he that gain'd five, becaule the profit refulting from the improvement was in proportion to the frock entrufted withhim. There is a Perfeaion Relative to the various Spiritual States of Chritians here. St.3ohn addreffes his Counfel to Chri- flians under feveral Titles, to Children, to Young Men, and Fathers, with refpe& to their different Ages in Chriftianity. A Child, is perfea in the quality of a Child, when he has the flature, the ílrength, the underlranding that is be- coming his Age, though he is diiiant from that compleat Rate to which he will arrive in his mature Age. A young Man has the Perfeaion proper to his Age. A new Convert that has fuck degrees of Knowledge and Holinefs as are fuitable to the Means and his Time of advancement by them , is efleem'd 3 Come.