Bates - BT766 B3 1699

11 Spiritual 4 .1 e ° feet on. Cornpleat in that Rate of Grace. Some are enter'd into the School of Heaven, and are in the firft Leffons of Chriftia- nity, others have made a higher progrefs in it, to thefulneffofthe Stature. Beyond the Perfection attainable here, there is an abfolute Perfe&ion of Holi- nefs in the extent of its parts, and inten- tion of degrees : 'Tis our prefent Duty to afpire and endeavour after this, but attain'd only in Heaven, where every Saint is renewed into the perfea Image of God , and made glorious in holinef, the great end of our Saviour's Love in dying for us. By gradations Chriftians tfcend to that Confummate flute, the period of Perfeaion. CHAP,