Bates - BT766 B3 1699

i 3 6 Spiritual Perfeaiort. Condemn'd for involuntary, fpeculative rrors. TW ill now particularly Confider thofe Graces that are of a more ExcellenF Nature, mad have a more powerful Cau= fality and Influence in the lives of Chri- ftians Faith and Love, Hope and Fear, are the internal Principles of Chriftian Perfeítion. I' will firlt difcourfe of Divine Faith, the firft principle and foundation of Re- ligion, as the Apoftle declares : , He that comes to God, muff believe that he is, and the rewarder of them that diligently feek him. The belief of his Being and Boun: ty, is the Motivéáf Holy Worfhip. This `Grace is molt Hònóuràble to God, and beneficial to us. The under- Handing is our Supreme Faculty, and by fubmitting it todivine Revelation,wepay the moll humble Homage to him. By Faith we Conceive` of God, becoming his divine Perfeaions : in believing the Revelatiön he has `made of his Nature, which is as Incomprehenfiblè as 'tis In= Vi1ble, and the declaration of his' Will, though the things' promis'd are encom- pafs'd with oppofition `and fèéming im- po{fbilities, we glorifie his perfeE Ve- racity and Omnipotence in the highem Manner. ` He that believes the divine .:........ Tefti- Lieb. i z.