Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec`ion .35 CHAP. VI. Particular Graces Confader'd , the internal Principles of Perfection. Divine Faith Doctrinal, yuflifying, and in the difpo- falofProvidence. DoEirinal Faith is not Imagination, nor Reafcn. The Objects ofit. The Motives confider'd. The Ef-- fential Perfeciions ofGod. Faith a di- vine Revelation, is the moll reafonable Act of the HumaneMind. God's Truth a Principle immediately evident. His furif die-hen reaches to mens Vnderflandings. God never requires our Affent to fuper- natural Truths, but he affords fufficient Conviction, that they are reveal'd by him. God reveals himfelfin Scripture by humane exprenions according to our Capa- city. We are obliged to believe fuperna- tural Doctrines, no farther than they are reveal'd. To attempt the Comprehenfive knowledge ofthem, is perfectly vain ; 'ti impoble, impertinent, and dangerous. Curiofity often fatal to Faith. An Anfwer to Objections, that fupernatural Doctrines are not reconcileable to Rea-, fon. That when men ufé all means fn- cerely to know the truth of them, and are not Convinc'd of it, they ¡bail not be K 4 Con-,