Bates - BT766 B3 1699

The Preface. There is a fervile Liberty. There are three miflakes in the World of eternal defiruaive confequence to the Souls of Men ; concerning VVifdom and Folly Happinefs and Mifiry, Liberty and Servi- tude. Some are feeming wife , whofe Ig. ,orante is efleemed Yudgment : Such are the worldly wife, who contrive and labour to lay up treafures for themfelves here, but are not rich towards God. Our Sa- viour gives them a true Character, They are Fools. Others are efteemed happy in enjoying what they love ; whereas if they fit their Love upon theft Objects that de- f rve not that principal Affection, but are perniciouw to their Souls , they are truly miferable in the fruition of them. 'Tis the fign ofGod's fevere diilleafúre to give Men up to fatisfie their vile Aífe&ions. Some are féeming free,' whofè Bondage is efteem'd Liberty. Carnal Men prefume of their Liberty, becaufé they follow the f inge of their Appetites : But they ferve divers Luífs and Pleafures, and are under the dominion of Satan , taken captive by him at lips Will. As if a Horfe that takes a ,veer in a plea/ant Plain were free when the Bridle is in his Mouth, and he is curb' by the Rider at his pleafure. The Apo Iles fay of Idolaters, That what they fàcrific'd to Idols, they facri£ie'd tg De vils