Bates - BT766 B3 1699

The preface. vils : 'Tis equally true, that when Men f rve their Lofts , they ferve the Devil, conftru5 ively doing things pleating to them. VT/hen Man turn'd Rebel againfi God, he became an abfolute Slave His under' (landing is now in the Chains of Dark- nets , under Ignorance and Errors ; his VTill is inflav'd by infamous Lufls ; his 4ffettions are fetter'd by infnaring Ob- jests. If no Man can ferve two Ma- flers, how wretched is their Condition, ,hofe numerous and fierce Pagans exact things contrary, and are their Tyrants and Tormenters continually. St. Peter ffbeaks of impure Perfons, Their Eyes are full of the Adulterefs ; they cannot ceafe from Sin : This is true of all Sinners, whofi Hearts are poffefs'd by aoiy kind of Lults. They are hurried by them againft the Reafon and Refs oftheir Minds, to the commifon of Sin; which is the moft cruel and contume- lious Bondage ; and the more fhameful be- caufe voluntary. But they are infenfible of thofe fubtle Chains that bind the Soul, and think themfelves to be the only free Men As when the Angel arvaken'd Peter, tore- leafe him from Prifon, he thought hefaw a Vifion ; fo when they are excited to go out of their dark Pri¡on, they think the freedom of Duty : the gracious Liberty of the