Bates - BT766 B3 1699

142 Spiritual .derfegioiï. but pafïibilities ; not the effe&s ofPower, but proceed from Weaknefs. We know the (acted Scriptures are the Word of God, by the signatures of his Perfeai- ons, Wifdom, Holinefs, Goodnefs, Ja- (lice ; and by the Miracles perform'd by the Pen-men of them, that proved they were divinely infpir'd ; and confequently infallible in what they wrote. From hence Faith is often mrefs'd by Knowledge. Nicodemr s gives this te. John 3. 2. f itnony of our Saviour , We know thou art a teacher come from . God. We believe and are Pure, thou art that Chrifl, the Son Cor. of the living God. We know that if the house of this earthy tábernable be diffolved, we have a building made without hands , ohn I. S. eternalin the Heavens. We know that he was manifefled, that he might take away A John 3.3. Sin. We know that when Chrift fball ap- pear, we ¡babe like him; for we ¡ball fie him as he is, I will not inffl upon the particular fupernatural Doárines revealed in the Gofpel, for there is little new to be laid upon thole Points : If Menwith renew- ed Minds and Hearts confidered the te- simony of Scripture, there would need no more arguing : But I will lay down force Confiderations, that prove Divine Faith to be the realbnable as of the Humane