Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfecf on: I .3 HumaneUnderftanding. 2. Anfwer the Objections alIedged to juftifie the disbe- lief of. Divine Doarines, that we are not able to conceive nor comprehend. Y. That God is true, is a Principle immediately evident , not dependently upon an antecedent motive. This, by its native irrefiflible evidence is beyond all difpute, and exempted from all cri- tical Inquiries. There is no Principle written in the Minds of Men with clearer CharaEters. 'Twas the fayingof a wife Heathen, If God would eonverje vifably with Men, he would affame Light for a Body, and have Truth for his Soul. God is molt jealous of the Honour of his Truth. Thou haft magnified thy word above all thy name. Truth is the fupreme Charaaer of the Deity. The Apoftle builds the affurance of Chriftians upon the Promifes, and their ftrong Confola- tion upon this infallible Rock, God that Heb. 60 cannot lye. From hence it follows, that in fupernatural DoErines, we muff firft confider the iauthority of the revealer , and then the nature of Doctrines. 2. God's Jurifdiction extends to our l7nderfiandings, as well as to our Wills He rules our Underftandings by light, our Wills by empire. If God did com- mand us to believe only Truths in them- felves evident, our receiving them would not.