Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeaion. his molt perfect Image, but he muff be Eternal as the Father ; otherwife, he would be defective in the' refemblanee of the firft perfection of the Deity. All refemblances of God in Scripture have their difparity and defects, which muff be feparated from him. But excepting fuch Cafes, the Word of God is to be underftood in its proper fenf. For we muff fuppofe that God fpeaks to us with an intention that we thould underftand him, otherwife it were not Juil to re- quire us to believe it : Our Minds could not firmly Affent to his Word , but would be floating between Faith and Doubts. And if God intends we íhould underftand his Meaning, how can we reconcile his Wifdom with his Will, if he does not fpeak to us in the fame fenfe as Men do to one another. 5, We are obliged to believe fuperä natural DoEtrines no farther than they are reveal'd: God does not require our Affent to an Object beyond the Merit of it : that is, the degrees of its Revelation. We cannot fee an Object more fully than 'tis vifible. The truth of Evangelical Myferies is clearly reveal'd, the manner of them is not difcover'd. To attempt the Comprehenfive knowledge of them, is perfectly vain for 'tis Impoflbîe, Im L 2 pertinent, 47