Bates - BT766 B3 1699

148 Spiritual Perfection: pertinent, and of Dangerous Confe. quence. I. 'Tis Impoflîble. Supernatural Truths cannot be primarily and imme. diately difcover'd by Reafon, but are on- ly known to the Divine Mind, and com- municated toCreated Underf}andings ac- cording to the pleafureof God. Noman John I. 18. bathfeen Godat any time, the only begotten Son, who is in the bofom of theFather, has declar'd him. The Gofpel is called the Eph 3. 4. Myffery ofChrif, the myflery of God the Col. 4. 3 Father and of Chrift. Becaufe God and Chrif} is the Author, and Revealer of it. God Contrived in the fecret of his Eternal Wifdom, the defign of our Re- demption, and reveal'd it in his own Eph. 1.9. time 'Tis therefore call'd the Myflery of i Tim. 3. 9. his will. 'Tis call'd the Myflery of Faith : that is, 'tis received by Faith. 'Tis calla Mark 4. t t. theMyftery of the Kingdom of God; con- ceal'd from the World, and only known in the Church. The fublime Doarines ROM. 1.19,20. of the Gofpel, it is impoffible for the cleareft fpirits of Men to difcover, with- out fpecial Revelation, were they as pure as they are corrupt, and as fincere as they are perverfe. This Word Myffery is never applied to the Revelation that God has made of his Wifdom in the Framing the World, and in the Efle&s of his Providence , becaufe lince the Crea.