Bates - BT766 B3 1699

I54 Eph. rç. Spiritual Perfeé1ion. to Reafon. In Paradife Reafon was an inferiour and imperfe& Light : Adam could not perfealy knowGod. He dwells in Light inaccefíible, not only to mortal Eyes, but to the immortal Angels They cannot penetrate to the centre of his Perfeaions. The Propofitions that in- volve a Contradiaion, have the plain charaaers of falliity ; but the Doarines of the Gofpel, that are incomprehenfible, have the charaaers of fublimity. Rea- fon cannot meafure the extent, nor reach the heighth of the love of Chrift , that Mies knowledge. That fupernatural Do. arines are incomprehenfible now they are reveal'd, is one Argument td prove they could never be invented and dif covered by Men : For that which natu- rally cannot enter into the Mind of Man, cannot naturally proceed out of it. 2. Since the Fall Reafon is weaken'd, and its Light is clouded. In the narrow and low fphere of natural things, how often is Reafon miftaken and loft in a Labyrinth ? There is not a Flower, a Fly, a Stone, but is a Myftery We cannot fully underftand the vegetation of the one , nor the fenfation of the other, nor the motion of the other. Let us make a trya,l of the Light of Reafon upon our (elves, and we Mall difcover its {