Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perf ec ion. violate the facred refpeI of Faith, as for Senfe to contradia the cleareff Prin- ciples of Reafon. Todeny fupernatural Truths, becaufe they are above our Con- ception and Capacity, is not only againft Faith, but againft Reafon, that acknow- ledges its own imperfeaion. 'Tis true, Reafon and Faith are ema- nations from the Father of Lights, and confequently there cannot be a real re- pugnance between them ; for God can- not deny ajd f : Errors are often con- trary ; but Truth is always harmonious with Truth : If there feem to be an op- pofition, it proceeds not from theLight of the'reafonable Mind , but from the Darknefs that encompaffes it. 'Tis cer- tain, that a Propofition that contradias right Reafon, the general Light of Na- tions, that have nothing common be- tween them but the Humane Nature, cannot be true : As the Doarine of Epi- curu , That God ways not to be worrhip'd, becaufe he hadno need of our Service and the popifh Doarine of Tranfubfanti- ation, that imputes Ç;onttaclidions to Çod. We malt difl:inguili between things that cannot be difèovered by Reafon or comprehen ivey known when they are revealed, and thçfe that are contrary to .$53