Bates - BT766 B3 1699

156 Spiritual Perfec ion. between our Minds and our Natures alto inteüellum If we cannot underffand our {elves Deum capiat y how, ipfum what folly is it to prefume that we Qut intelleafum quo know God ? Can_ thou by _Parching cum volt cape find out God ? Cana thou find out re non capiat ? Aug. lib, de the Almightyunto Perfection ? It is high ,Trip". I. 00 Heaven, what canfi thou do ? Deeper than Hell, what can0 thou know ? The job I r. 7,s9. meafure is longer than the Earth , and broader than the Sea. Who can unfold the Divine Attributes ? They are not confufed in their unity, nor divided in number ; they are not feparable quali- ties, but his Effence ; He is not only wife, but Wifdom ; not only lives, but is Life. We cannot fpeak of force At- tributes without diffinaion, Wifdom and Power ; nor of others, without a feem. ing oppofition, Juffice and Mercy ; yet they are the fame Divine Nature, and cannot be feparate but in our thoughts. He is Eternal without fucceffion ; with him there is no paff, and to come He fees all things with one view ; not , only Events that proceed from the conflAtint of natural and receffary Caufes , but that depend upon Caufes varioufly free and arbitrary. This Knowledge is too wonderful for us. To believe no more than we can underftand, proceeds from the ignorance of God's. Nature, and out own