Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Per feFliorn. own : For the Divine Nature is truly Infinitaasimmen infinite and our Minds are narrow and f4' -161i f bi tantas, quantus finite. e/ notau ; no- 3. The Humane Underfianding in our bangufïumú vero pedal laps'd !late, is dark and defiled, wea- y ideo 'fie kened and vitiated. Of this we have eum digne utimamus, cunt innumerable Inftances. Although the znfítmabtlern Deity be fo illufirioully vifible in the dicinui . Creation , yet even the wife Heathen M. Felix. reprefented him in filch a degree of Deformity , as is highly blafphemous. They could not conceive his Infinite- nefs, but made every Attribute a God. They transformed the Glory of the immortal God , into the likenefs of an earthly dying kn. And the Papifts transform a mortal Man into the likenefs of the great God. They attribute to the Pope a Power of contradiaing the Di- vine Laws : For thoughGod, in the Se- cond Commandment, fo Íirialy forbids the worfhip of Images , and has an- nexd to the prohibition the moft terrible Threatening, of viftting the Iniquity of the Fathers upon their Children, to the third and fourth Generation ; yet in de- fiance of the Majefly of the Law-giver, the Pope commands all his adorers, to worship the Images of the dead Saints : He arrogates aPower- todifpenfe with Oaths, themots sacred bands of Humane Society, and thereby authorifes Perjury. q, Though 15?