Bates - BT766 B3 1699

16 2. Spiritual TierfeC iorì. before infinite Power. St. Paul deciaresg 2 Tim; i. I know in whom I have believed, that he is able to keep that I have committed to him till that day. We are of ur'd the Lord will change our vile bodies into the likenefj of his glorious Body, by the power whereby he can fubdue all things to himfelf. The be- lief of the Refurreaion is drawn from the cleareft fprings of Nature and Scrip- ture. 7..'Tis a prudent foundation of judg- ing, things attended with difficulties,. to compare the difficulties, and to determine our judgment for that which has leaf}. Now 'tis certainly much more fúìtable to the reafonable Mind to acknowledge, that things may be true which we are not able to conceive and comprehend, than ro deny the natural and proper fenfe mf many clear and exprefs texts of Scrip- ture, that declare thole things. And by this wemay judge of the Gloffes of So- ciniis, and his followers, who without reverence of the Majef}_y of God, and the fincerity of his Word, rack theScrip- tures to make them fpeak what they d© not, and ufe all Arts to filence them in What they do reveal. Unhappy men ! that affe& tobe effeem'd Ingenious and Subtil, to the extreme hazard of their ownSalvation. How much fafer, and more cafze is it to believe the plain fenfe of