Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual .derfeE o . Of the Scriptures, than the turns and íhifts that are invented to elude it, and extricate Heretical Perfons out of the difficulties that attend their Opini- ons. I (hall add, the Doctrine of the Tri- nity is fo expreily fet down in the Gofpe! of Chriff, that 'tis impoffible the Son of God , who is Infinite and Eternal Love, who gave himfelf for our Re- demption, should have declar'd it and engag'd his Difciples in all Ages and Places in an Error of fuch dreadful Con- fequence, as the Worfhipping thofe who are not God. 2. 'Tis alledged, that if a Perron fin- cerely fearches into the Scripture, and cannot be convinc'd that the fupernatu- ral Doarines of the Trinity, and other4 depending upon it are contain'd in them, he ¡hall not be Condernn'd by the Righ- teous Judge of the World for involuntary and fpeculative Errors. To this I anívver, a. This pretence has deceiv'd many who were guilty of damnable Hereíes, and there is great reafen to fear deceives men fiill. The heart is deceitful above all things, and moft deceitful to it fèlf Who can fay that neither Interefl nor Paffion, neither Hope nor Pear, neither Anger nor Ambition, have interven'd in his In NI 9 quiry 163