Bates - BT766 B3 1699

ó 4 Spiritual Perfec`on. quiry after Truth, but he has preferr'd the knowledge of Divine Truths before all Temporal Refpeas, and yet he can- not believe what the Scripture reveals of the Nature of God, and the áeconomy of our Salvation : let this Imaginary Man produce his Plea, for I believe there was never any fuch. There are many that make reafon the Soveraign Ruleof Faith, and determine fuch things cannot be true,becaufe they cannot underf}and how they can be true. Prodigious Inference ! the molt abfurd of all Errors, that makes the narrow Mind of Man the meafure of all things. This is the proper Princi- ple of that horrible Compofition of He- refies and execrable Impieties, which fo many that are Chriffians in Profeffion,but Antichriftians in Belief, boldly Publith. They will choofe to Err in matters of Infinite Importance, rather than Confers their Ignorance. And which is altonifh- ing, they will readily acknowledge the - `q_uan mitärr defeaivenefs of Reafon with refpeE to in rii.r in the unerann æuú:lei themfelves rebus ig- infolently arrogate, a right to determine Carus. HiLde things in the Nature of God. Trin, 1. 2. 'Tis true, Ignorance the more invinci- ble, is themore exeufable : but when the Error of the Mind is from a vicious Will, both the Error and the Caufe of it, are finful and inexcufable. When the corrupt