Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfc7ion. 167 the Nature of God to give, and of Man to receive. Briefly "God Commands us to believe in his Son : without Faith in him we are uncapable ofRedemption by him. When Chrift perform'd Miraculous Cures, he requir'd of the Perfons whether they did believe in his Divine Power, and what he declar'd himfelf to be. EleaingMer- cy ordains the Means and the End : The 2 cher. 2P Apoftlegives thanks to God, becaufe he hir chofen the Theffalonians to Salvation , through SanEtifrcation of the Spirit, and the belief of the Truth. Holinefs and Faith in the DoErine of the Gofpel, are indifpenfable qualifications in the Learn'd and Ignorant, that would be Paved by the Son of God. 'Tis a high Contempt of the Truth and Goodnefs of God, not to yield a firm Affent to what he has reveal'd concerning our Salvation by his Incarnate Son. He that believes not the Record that God hath given of his Son, makes God a Liar. This infinitely pro- z Joli. 5. yokes him, and inflames his Indignation. To dif-believe the Teflimony that Jefus Chriff has given of the Divinity of his Perron and Do&rine, is to defpife him it robs him of his Effential and his acs quir'd Glory by the work of our Re- demption. There can be no true Love M 4 of