Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfaion. 169 tion between the Faculty and the Ob- jea. You may as well fee an Angel by the Light of a Candle, as fee the great Myfteries of the Gofpel, by the Natural Mind, their realitybeauty and excellency, fo as favingly to believe them. Faith Eph. 17. is the Fruit of the Spirit : who is íä1'd the Spirit of Wifdom andRevelation,who difcovers the Obje&, and inlightens the Mind to fee it, and by free preventing Grace inclines the Will to embrace it. The Holy Spirit alone can pull downPang Icor. ic, holds, and call' down Iynaginations,and every high thing, that exalts it f if againf the .knowledge of God, and bring into Captivity every thought to the obedience of' Chrifl. The Spirit overcomes the Pride of the Natural Untlerífanding by the Autho- rity of the Revealer, and inlightens the Ignorance of it by the Infallible Reve, lation. Violence, and Temporal Re- fpe&s, may by Terrors and Allurements make Men Hypocrites, but cannot make them fincere Believers : there will be a Form of Religion without, and Atheifm within. 'Tis fpecial Grace infpires the Elegy} of God with Light to fee Spiri- tual things, and requires fpecial Thanks fulnefs. Let us Humbly pray to the Father of Mercies, and of Lights, that he would teveal