Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec iott. 177 has not words worthy or fully fìgruif-- cant to defcribe it. God, who is an in- finite Good and Goodnefs, communicates - himfflf to the immortal Soul, accord- ing to its utmoft Opacity and De .fires. _ It feems impoflible for Men to offer fuch- violence to their Underflandings , as _ calmly confidering, and in cold blood, - to prefer the Fafhion of this World that- pates away , before the perfeE and sun- - changeable Happinefs in the next World. - 2. According to the degrees of our affent to future etec`nal things , fuch is their viaorious power in our Souls. The objeaive efficacy of things is not froth their exiflence, but from their evidence to our Minds. Now according as our Apprehenfions are more clear, and our Belief more fiedfaft of things future , fuch impreffions are made either of ter- your or delire in our Breafts. The Apo- file defines Faith to be, The fubflance ofxeb. ßt9 things hoped for, the evidence of things not Jeen. It reprefents things future and dill-ant, as prefent and in our aaual pof= fefflon. A fuperficial fluauating belief of the good or evil things in the next fiate, is of no force to encounter prefent Temptations, and vanquifh the Carnal Affetions. The report of the Senfes concerning, things prefent, will prepon- derate the Authority of God's Word , .N that