Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Eccl. 7. 26, 27, 28- Spiritual PerfeHion. pares matter that is inflamable into Fe- vers ; 'tis attended with the Gout, Stone, Cholick, Dropfle, &c. which are income parably more tormenting, than the per- nicious pleafures of tafle are delightful. Reprefent to them the foul progeny of Lafcivioufnefs , rottennefs in the Body, wafting the Eftate, Infamy, to facrifice what is moil valuable for the fake of a vile Woman ; the wifeft Conflderations are Ioft upon them, they are too weak a Bridle tocheck their brutifh Lufls. But are not thefe Lufts eafily fubdued in Chriffians, who have the advantage: of clearer Light, flronger Motives, and more liberal atïîflance of Grace, to refcue them from the power of Sin. The wife obferver tells us, I find more bitter than death, the woman whole heart is fnares and nets, andher hands are a.s bands svhofo pleafes God, 'hall efiape from her, bat the finnerfhall be taken by her. Behold this have I found, faith the preacher, counting one by one to find out the account, but Ifind not : one man of a thoufand have I found, but a woman among all thefe have I not found. 'Tisaftonifhing, that for a 'bort dream of pleafure, men ihould defpife Heaven and Hell, what is rmoft defïreable, and Moll fearful. How puff is the reproach Mist with Compaffion and Indignation,' Hom