Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfection. t 5 How long ye fimple ones will you love fir.. Prov-. r. lalicity, andfools hate knowledge ? 'Tis worth the inquiry, how men are fottifhly (educed to live unchaftly and intemperately, againít the reafon and reíl of their Minds. z. The great Temptation to Sin is the love of Pleafure; accordingly, the de- grees of tenfual Pleafure, being more Vin- tenfe in thofe carnal Faculties that are for the preferving and propagating Life, efpecially when heightned by the cars nal Fancy , the love of the Members prevails againít the love of the Mind. 'Tis fail of unclean perfòns, whole Eyes are full of the Adulterefs, they cannot ceafe from Sin ; they cannot dif-entangle themfelves from the embraces of the circling Serpent. 2. Carnal pretences are made ufe of to defend, or at leaft excufe the fin of Intemperance, which makes it more ea- fily indulg'd, and pernicious in effea. Men, if it were poílible, would fin with- out 'fin , without difcovering the guilt and turpitude of it, that they may enjoy their pleafures without accufing, recoil- ing.thoughts,which will turn the fweeteí} Wine into Vinegar. Now fince Meats and Drinks are neceffary for our vital fupport, and the meafure is uncertain and various, according to the difpofitions and capacities