Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfec`iion. Men venture to walk among fnares and ferpents without fear, and perish for the negled of circumfpeaion. 4. Do not prefame that you will for - fake thole Sins hereafter, which you, are unwilling to forfake at prefent. There is in many a Confli& between Convi- aion and Corruption : They love Sin, and hate it ; they delight in it, and are lorry for it ; they cannot live without it, nor with it, in feveral refpe&s : Now to quiet Confcience , and indulge their I.Lulfs, they pleafe themfelves with refom lutions of a future Reformation. The Tempter often excites Men to confent for once, and obtains his aim : But 'tis a voluntary diífraaion to think Men may, without apparent danger, yield to a prefent Temptation, refolving to refill future Temptations : For if when the Strength, is intire, a Temptation capti- vates a Perlon, how much more eafily will he be kept in bondage when the Enemy is more tyrannous and ufurping, more bold and powerful, and treads up- on his neck, and he is more difabled to relcue himfelf ? The inlightned natural Confcience is arm'd againft Sin ; and if Men regarded its di&ates , if they be- lieved and valued Eternity, they might preferve themfelves from many Defile- C 4 ments a 3