Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeciion. exercifed and magnified in the renewing . fuch polluted Creatures. The Apoftle tells the Corinthians, they were Fornicators and Adulterers, but they were wafhed, fanc`ii- fled and juflifred in the name of the Lord jefus Chrifi. T. Let them addrefs their Requefts to God, that he would cleanfe them from the guilt of their Sins in the Blood of Chrift, the only Fountain of Life ; and baptize them with the Holy Ghofi as with Fire , to purge away their Drofs and Pollutions. An unholy Life is the off=fpring of an unclean Heart. The loofa vibrations of the impure Eye, the inticing words of the impure Tongue, the external careffes and incentives of tuft, are from the Heart. The Heart muff be purified, or the Hands cannot be cleanfed. 2. Supprefs the firm rifings of Sin in theThoughts and Defires. Sins at firft are eafily refitted ; but indulged for a time, are difficultly retraaed. 3. Abftain from all Temptations to thefè Sins. As Wax near the Fire is eafily merwl, fo the Carnal Affeaions are fuddetf4r kindled by tempting Ob- jeas. The negle& of this Duty fills the World with fo many incorrigible Sin- gers, and Hell with fo many loft Souls. Men