Bates - BT766 B3 1699

6 Spiritual Perfec ion. terrible flafhes of Lightning. It often breaks forth fo fuddenly, that as force acute Difeafes, if check'd at firft , be- come more violent, there is no time for remedy, nor place for cure ; fo there is fuch an irrevocable precipitancy of the Paillons, that the indeavour to reprefs their Fury, inrages them. 'Tis aftonifh- ing what enormous Exceffes and Mil- chiefs are caufed by it ! How many Houles are turned into Dens of Dra- gons, how many Kingdoms into Fields of Blood, by this fierce Paflion ? To prevent its rife and reign , the moft neceiary Counfel is , if pofible, to quench the firft Sparks that appear, which are feeds pregnant with Fire. But if it be kindled, do not feed the Fire by exafperating Words. A prudent filence 'will be more effe&ual to end a O arrel, than the moft (harp and piercing reply that confounds the Adverfary. ege far Cafar would never aflault thofe Enemies Corfliiim ad. with Arms, whom he could fubdue by verfws hefiem , rod plerifque Hunger. He that injurioufly reviles medicis contra us, if we revile not again , and he has vitia corporum: not a word from us to feed his Rage, Fame potim quam Ferro will ceafe of himfelf ; and like thofe who fuperandi. dye with pure Hunger, will tear him- felf. Hezekiab commanded his Courl- fellors not to fay a word to Rabfbekab. 2. Try