Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfecfion. 2. Try by gentle and meek addrefl'es to compofe the ruffled Minds of thofe who are provoked. 'Tis the obfervation of the wifeff of Men, that a loft An/iier breaks the Bones : 'Tis ufually .fucceisful to make f}ubborn Spirits coinplyant. In- deed forne are fo perverte in their Pafi lions , that the mildefr words will in- cenfe them ; no fùbmiffion, no fátisfa- &ion will be accepted ; their Anger ¿aufes mortal and immortal Hatred. But thefe are fo far from being Chriflians they are not Heathens ; but devef}ed of all Humanity. 3. If Anger has rufh'd into the bo- fom, that it may not reft there, cancel the remembrance of the provocation. The continual refleaing in the thoughts upon an Injury, hinders Reconciliation. The art of Oblivion, if pra.ic'd, would prevent thofe refentments that eternize Quarrels. For this end, let us confider what may leflen the Offence in our e$eem : In particular, if very injurious words are fpoken againfr us by one in a tranfport of Anger , they fhould be more eafìly defpifèd , when they feem more iuffly provoking ; for they proceed from Rage, not from Reafon ; and no Perfon, that is of a wife and fober Mind, will regard them, but as words fpoke by ,ware fertagri rabiem& pbe_ netici verba ? Nempe quia nefcire viden- tur quid faci- ant. Sen. L 3. de Ira.