Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeccion. can infli& upon him. AMan of Under- ftanding is of a cool Spirit. It was the wife Advice of Pyrrhics, to thofe whom he inf}ruaed in the Art of Defence, that they would not be angry : For Anger would make them rafh, and expof them to their Adverfary. He that bath not Rule over his own Spirit is like a City broken down, and without Walls ; and confe- quently expofed to Rapine and Spoil by every Enemy. Satan hath ah eafie en- trance into them, and brings along with him a train of Evils. We are therefore direaed to watch againft Anger , and not to give place to the Devil, Eph. 4. Confider how honourable it is to pats by an Offence : 'Tis a royalty of Spirit; an imitation of God, in whole Eyes the ornament of a meek and quiet Spirit is ofgreat price. The greater the Offence, the greater the Glory of pardoning it. How pleafant it is ! The Soul is poffef'd in Patience ; 'tis cool and quiet ; there is a Divine and Heavenly' Content of the Mind, the Will and Affe&ions. The Breaft of a difpallïonate Man is the Temple of Peace. Befides, let us fre- quently remember our want of the Di- vine Compaiíion : There is no Man fo innocent , unlefs he abfolutely forgets that he is a Man, and hismany Frailties, bur Ne 'ira careü- tur. Ira edit: perturbat ar- teen : Et qua noceat tantum, non qua careat afpicit. Seth, de Ir.