Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeclion: by a lickMan in the height of a Calen- ture. Now to make us careful to prevent or allay this Pailion, it will be requifite to confider the inclination and fway of our Natures ; fome as foon take fire as dry thorns, and retain it as knotty wood. Now 'tis a fundamental Rule of Life, that our weakefl part mull be guarded with the molt jealoufie , and fortified with the flrongef defence There we mull expeél the moll dangerous and fre- quent afl'aults of Satan : There he will direE his Battery, and place his Scaling - ladders. Let therefore the following Confiderations fettle in our Hearts. How becoming an understanding Creature it is todefer Anger ? For the Paillons are blind andbrutifh, and without a fevere command of them, a Man forfeits his natural dignity. What is more unrea- fonable, than for a Man deeply to wound himfelf, that he may have an imaginary fatisfaaion in revengingan Injury ? In- towhat a fierce diforder is the Body put by Anger ? The Heart is inflamed, and the boiling Spirits fly up into the Head, the Eyes fparkle, the Mouth foams, and the other fymptoms of Madnefs follow. Inwardly, the angry Man fuffers more Torments than the matt cruel Enemy can