Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeciion. Aweaions. The Worldly-minded over value Riches, as the only real and fub- f antial Happinefs ; the Treafures of Heaven, which are fpiritual arid future, are flighted as Dreams, that have no ex- iPrence but in the imagination. They fee no convincing charms in Grace and Glory : the luttre of Gold daztes and deceives them ; they will not believe 'tic Dirt. Gold is their Sun and Shield, that fupplies them with the moil defireable good things in their efeeni , and pre- ferves them from the moll fearful Evils Gain is their main defign, and utmoft aim : their contrivances and proje&s are, how to maintain and improve their Eftates ; and the moll pleafant exercift of their thoughts, is to look over their Inventory. 2. Covetoufnefs is principally in the Will, the place of its refidence '; 'tis called, the love of Money : There is an infeparable relation between the Heart and its Treafure. We are dire&ed, If Riches increafe, fit not your Hearts upon them. 'Tis obfervable , that the eager defire to procure Riches, is often fubor4 dinate to other vicious Affeaions; either to Prodigality or Pride. Prodigality ex- cites to Rapine and Extortion, from the violent motive of Indigence, that is its ufual attendant, and from the confpiring Lulls