Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Per fec for . Lufls of Senfuality, which lànguifa, hr , fiefs furnifh'd with new fupplies and noufl rïfhment. Or Pride urges to an ekcef: five procuring of Wealth, to maintain the Rate and pompof the vain glorious. Now if there vicious Affe&ions are cor- retied, the inordinate delire of Riches will be fúddenly cured. But Covetoufnefs, in its proper fenfe implies the feeking Riches for the love of them , not refpeaively to their tile. From hence 'tis the molt unreafonable AffeE}ion , and more inexcufable than any that are derived from thecarnal Ap-1 petites. Now Love is the leading Affe aeon, and produces, (r.) Immoderate Defres of Riches. For what is loved for it Pelf, is defired with an unlimited Appetite. C:ovetouf nefs`, like the Grave , never fags it is enough. (2.) Immoderate Joy in pcffeffing them. A covetous Man is railed and ravifh'd above himfelf, in the fight of his Treafures : He thinks himfelf happy without Reconciliation and Communion with God, wherein Heaven confifts. It was a convincing evidence of yob's fa- cred and heavenly temper, that he did not rejoice becaufe his Wealth wad great ) fob ` 3 ge and his Hand had gotten mirth. (3.) Anxious Fears of lofing thew. D "h.