Bates - BT766 B3 1699

34 Spiritual leerfetiou: The Covetous fufpect every fhadow, are fearful of every fancy , wherein their Iritereft is concerned. They are vex'd with the apprehenfions, left they fhould be opprefs'd by the Rich, rob'd by the Poor, circumvented by the Crafty, or fuffer lofs by innumerable , unforefeen and inevitable Accidents. Content is the Poor Man's Riches, when Poffeífion is the Rich Man's Torment. (4.) Heart-breaking Sorrow in being deprived of them. If yen touch their Treafure, you wound their Hearts. Ac- cording to the Rule in Nature, what is poffefs'd with Joy, is loft with Grief; and according to the degree of the De- fires , fuch will be the Defpair when they are fruftrate. Poverty, in the ac- count of the Covetous , is the Taft of Evils, that makes Men abfolutely defo= late. Blindunhappy wretches ! Eternal Damnation is the extreameft Evil. 'Tis infinitely better to be deprived of all their Treafures, and go naked into Pa= radife, than to fall laden with Gold into the Pit of Perdition. z. Covetoufnefs is vertuatly in the `Anions ; which are to be concdered ei- ther in the getting, Paving, or ofng an Effate. 3i. The Covetous are inordinate and eager in their endeavours, to get `an Eftate,