Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritnal Perfegion: with readinefs and alacrity ; and not wrung out , as a Man preffes foure Grapes : For there is no moral value in Benefits fo obtain'd. God loves a chear- i ful giver. Charitymuff be unconftrain'd as well as unconfin'd ; free, and refpea- ing all in their Wants and Miferies. Now Cevetoufnefs makes one as un- willing to part with his Money , as to have Blood, the treafure of Life, drawn from his Veins. We are direEted to put on bowels of Compaffion , and to re- 3. 3. member them in bonds, as bound with them. Covetoufnefs infufes an unrelent- ing frame into the Breaft, hardens the Bowels, and makes them incapable of melting impreffions. The languifhing Looks , the pleading Eyes, the Com- plaints and Calamities of the miferable do not affen thofe in whom Covetouf: pefs reigns : The tender inclinations of Humanity are quench'd by it. 3. The Covetous will not give in proportion to their abilities, and the exi- gencies of others. 'Tis true, an Eftate is often more in reputation than in rea- lity, and there cannot be a vifible con- vincingproof of Covetoufnefs from the meannefs of theGift ; but there is a fecret proof from the Confcience of the giver, and known to God. The Widow that ave two Mites to the facred Trea fury, wa5