Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual :ter fecelian. was more liberal than thole who threw into it richer Gifts. God accepts accord- ing to what a Man has, and not according to what he has not. A covetous Man, though rich, will pretend the fmallnefs of his Efate to excufe and palliate his illiberal giving and makes himfelf dou- bly guilty, of feigned Poverty and real Avarice, in God's fight : But a liberal Man devifèth liberal things He duely confiders the Circumffances of Perfons in want ; and efteems a jufl Occafion of Charity, to be a golden Opportunity and will be noble and magnificent. 2. I will confider the difficulty of the Cure. This will be evident from the caufes of the Difeafe, and the frequent unfuccefsfulnefs of the means in order to it. There is no kind of Sinners more inconvincible and incureable , than the Worldly-minded. 'Tis a Rule without exception , thofe Sins which have the greateff appearance of Reafon, and the haft of Senfuality, are the moll plaufi- ble and prevailing. So long as there are remains of Reafon in Mankind , there will be Modefiy ; and brutifh Lufts will expofe to Shame. The high birth and honourable rank of the unclean, cannot varnifh and difguife their Impurities, but renders them more infamous and odious, Befdes a unlefs Men are not D 4 pro 39