Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Peife[îion. . Riches cannot give SatisfaEior tc the Soul, upon the account of their vaff difproportion to its Spiritual Nature and Capacity, and Eternal Duration. Yoti may as reafonably feek for Pa.radife un- der the icy Poles, as for full Content® rient in Riches. The Kingdoms of the World, with all their Treàfures, if aau ally poffefs'd , cannot fatisfie the Eye ; much lefs the Heart. There is no fuita. blenefs between a fpiritual fubilance; and earthly thing: The Capacity of the Soul is as vaft is its Deliires, which cari duly be fatisfied with Good truly infix nite :' But carnal Men , in a delufive Dream, miflake fhadöws for fubfiance; and thin appearances for realities. Be- tides, the fafhion of this World paires' away : Riches take wings, and like the Eagle, fly to Heaven, or the Pof efrors of them fall to the Earth. The Soul' can only be fatisfied in the fruition of a; Good, as everlafling as its own duration, In fhort, the Favour of God, the renew- ed Image of God in the Sou15 and Com Munion with him , ate the Felicity of reafonabl'e Creatures. 3. The plairefl Experience does nor Convince the Covetous of their Folly and correa them. 'Tis ùniverfall vifï hle, that Riches cannot fecure Men from Miferies and Mortality They are like a E ,Reed,