Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PerfeHion. CHAP. HI,. Pride confidered in its nature, kinds, and degrees. It confjts in an immoderate Appetite of Superiority. 'Tis Moral or Spiritual, Arrogance, Vain-glory, and Ambition, are branches of it. A ficret undue conceit of our own Excellencies, the inordinate de/ire ofPraife, the ajbiring after high Places, and Titles of Honour, are the effects of Pride. Spiritual Pride confidered. .A prefuming upon .fel f -fufi- ciency to obtain Mens Ends s A reliance upon their own direction and ability to accomplifh their Defigns. Sins commit- tedwith deign anddeliberation are from Infolence. Avain Prefumption of the goodnefsof Mens Spiritual Efates. Pride is in the front of thole Sins that God hates. Pride is odious in the fight of Men. 7 he diffïculty of the Cure appa. rent frommany Confiderations. The pro- per means to allay the Tumour of Pride. 4.. pRide of Life is join'd with the Lufts of the Flefh, and the Luft pf the Eyes. Pride deftroyed both Worlds ; it transformed Angels into Devils , and expelled them from Hea- ven ; it degraded Man from the honour pi his Creation, into the condition of 9