Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfeetior the Beafts that perifh, and expell'd him from Paradife. I will confider the na- ture, feveral kinds and degrees of it, and the means to purge us from it. The nature of this Vice confifts in an irregular and immoderate appetite of Su- periority, and has two parts : The one is the affeaation of Honour, Dignity and Power, beyond their true value and worth ; theother is, the arrogating them as due to a perfon beyond his juif defert. The kinds of it are Moral and Spiritual, which are fometimes concealed in the Mind and Will, but often declar'd in the Afpe& and Actions. Accordingly 'tis either Arrogance that attributes an un- due preheminence to a Mans felf, and exalts undue refpeEfs from others ; or Vain-glory, that affeas and is fed with Praife ; or Ambition, that hotly afpires after high Places, an Titles of Prece- dency and Power : All which are com- prifed in the univerfal name of Pride. Pride includes a ferret conceit of our own Excellencies, which is the root of all its branches. Self love is fo natu- ral, and deeply imprefs'd in the Heart, that there is no Flatterer more fubtle and conceal'd, more eafily and willingly believ'd , than this Affection. Love is blind towards others, and more towards ones felf, Nothing can be fo intimate áusç