Bates - BT766 B3 1699

66 Facit avidos nìmis f elicitor, arec tam tempe- rate cupidita tes, ut in eo pod contigit etc f Want, Sen. Praemia virtu- turn, quia velo- cim erat vieüs adeptwr. Tac. Spiritual Perfey iort. In fhort, Vertue like the Sun is crown'd with its own Beams, and needs no fo- reign Luffre ; and it arguesa found Mind to efteem Praife as a refultance from Vertue, and Vertue for it felf : But a proud Man as proud, prefers the praife and íhadow of Vertuebefore the reality : As a vain Woman would rather weara counterfeit Necklace that is effeem'd true, than one of the fineft Oriental Pearls that is of eem'd counterfeit. 3. Ambition, or the hot afpiringafter high Places , and Titles of Precedency and Power, is another branch of Pride. The delire of Superiority in this infrance, is fo natural and univerfal, that 'tis ma- nifeft in Perfons of the lowefl Rank : Servants, Shepherds, Labourers, delire Power over others in their condition. 'Tis like Fire, the more 'tis fed the more 'tis increas'd. Ambition , if reinforcd by Emulation, will venture through foul ways, by Treachery, by Oppretîìon, and by Indignities , to obtain Dignity. If any crofs accident fpoil their Feathers of flying to their mark, they fall into Me- lancholy : If any Competitors be pre- ferr'd, they are ready to fay, 'twa s not Vertue or Merit, bet Favour and For- tune that advanc'd them ; and that their own defert makes them ; accord-