Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PerfeFtiort afterward cut him off in his Idolatry: Nebuchadnezzar the Head of Gold in the Figure reprefenting the Empires of the World, was' for his Pride turn'd a grazing among the Beafts, and by his Fall was the Argument ofthe Infultation, ft . a 12,13, Thoufaidit in thy heart, I will afcend into 14 Heaven, I will exalt my Throne above the Stars of God : I will afcend above the heighthofthe Clouds, Iwill be like themolt high. How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, Son of the morning? how art thou cut down to the ground that didJt wea- ken nations. Herod for ufurping Divine Honour was devour'd by Worms. In every Age there are inflances of God's terrible Wrath upon the Proud. 2. Pride is very odious in the fight of Men : therefore it often borrows the mask of Humility to obtain its ends : but 'tis always odious to God, who fees the molt intimate workings of it in the heart. A proud Man is an Enemy to the more Excellent and Worthy : he is pleas'd with the Vices and Infelicities of others, as they afford an advantage to exalt him- felf above them, and grieved at their Vertues and Happinefs which render them more valuable than himfelf. Pride isthe Parent of Contention : it exafperates the Senfe of a fmall Offence, puts an edge upon Anger, and has often afforded