Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfe ian. afforded tragical Subjeas, that have fill'd the Scenes with Tears and Blood. Hu- milityproduces Patience : for it makes a Man lower in his own Eyes, than he is in the opinion of others. Pride treats others with Contempt and Cenfure, and thereby provokes them to turn Reve- rence into Defpifing, and Love into Ha- tred : When a proud Man falls intoMi- fery, he is the leaft lamented. That the Cure of this Luft is very difficult,' will be evident by a Comple- xion of Confiderations. z. Pride is the Sin to which Angel's and Men in their belt 'late were pecu- liarly liable. The Angels intermitting the vifion of the Divine Glory, and re- fleaing upon their Excellencies, were in- toxicated with Self -admiration. 'Tis ftrange to Amazement, that they Mould fo fuddenly unlearn their Natures, and difclaim their Maker, who had preven- ted them with his excellent Benefits, and rais'd them to that Bright Eminence a- bove other Creatures.. Man in the :date of unffain'd Innocence , when all Per- feE}ions of Body and Mind enter'd into his Compoftion, with all his Lumina- ries and Graces was Corrupted by Pride. You ¡ball be like Gods, was the Tempta- tion that corrupted him. Prodigious diforder ! His Pride begins when his true 77.