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J88 CJhe Harmony of the 'Divine Attributes r\.A..n to his Sutferings, fo that the fatisfaction proceeding from them, was not meerly ex patlo, Chap. I 4• as Brafs Many is currant by compofition ; but ex merito, as pure Gold bath an intrinfick t....t"'II"V Worth: And God who was infinitely provok'd, is infinitely pleafed. o. The EffeCts and Evidences of his compleat SatisfaCtion are, Firff, His R.efurreCtion from the Grave. For if we confider the Lord Chrifl in the quality of our Surety, He fatisfied the Law in his Death: And havingmade compleat paiment of our Debt, He received Acquittance in his R.efurreCtion. His Death appeafed God, His R.efurreCtion atfures Men. As he rofe himfelf, fo in one concurrent aCtion God is faid to raifi him, . 6. 4· He was reiea!! from the Grave, as from Prifon, by publick Sentence; which is an indubitable Argument of the validity and acceptance of the payment made by him in our Name. For being under fuch Bonds as the Ju!!ice and Power of God, he could never have loofed the Pains of Death, ACts 2. >4· if his Sufferings had not been fully fatisfuCtory, and received by him for our Difcharge. And 'tis obfervaple, l~!!;te:;;;~n;~! ~~'b~:~ ~~:~~e~t 7he~~~da!/:/,~"fJ,;~:,; tJ:.~jh~e 0Bio1 ;e:;;;' e':e!~ /rifling Coven•nt, Heb. I 3· oo. The Divine Power was not put forth till God was pacifi- -ed. Ju!!ice incenfed, expofed him to Death; and Juflice appeafed, freed him from the Dead. And his R.efurreCtion is attributed to his Blood, that being the full Price of his and our Liberty. In lhort, when inflexible Jullice ceafes to puni!h, there is the llrongell: proof 'tis fatisfied. Secondly, His Afcent into Heaven, and Interceflion for us, prove the compleathefs and all-fufficiency of his Sacrifice. If he had been excluded from tfie Divine Prefence, there had been jull caufe to fufpeCt that Anger had been llill remaining in God's Brea!!; but his admiflion into Heaven is an infallible Te!!imony that God is reconciled. This ' our Saviour produces as the Argument~ which the Holy Gho!! Will overcome the guilfor~a~~~~~enih;(fi1~uhi~";~;r~;i~~~;;~uZ'b~?t:~:;:jr:~~::{«o~/; t~."a;~·':;'; guilty Perfon, not only in refpeCt of the Calumnies of Men, but the.Curfe of the Law, and the Wrath of God, which then appeared inexorable again!! fin. But having overcome Death, and broke through the weight of the Law, and retired to his Father, he made apparent the lnnocency of his R.ighteous Perfbn, and that a compleat R.ighteoufne£5 is acquired by his Sufferings, fufficient to ju!!ify all that lhall truly accept of it. This will be more evident, by confidering his Entry into Heaven as the true High Prie!!, who carried the Blood of the new Covenant into the Celellial SanCtuary. For the opening this, we are to confider there are two pam,of th.e Priellly Office, r. To offer Sacrifice. o. To make !ntercdlion for the People by virtue of the Sacrifice. This was performed by the High Priell in the Feall of Atonement, which was celebrated in the Month n[ri, Lev. 16. 14, 15. The Oblation of the Sacrifices was without, at the Altar: The Interceflion was made in the Holy of Holies, into which none might enter ,but the High Priell once a year. And firll he mull expiate his own fins, and the fin's of the People by Sacrifices, before he could remove the Vail, and enter int? that ' fa;:red and venerable Place, where no finner had right to appear. ,Then he wa:s to prefe'nt 'tpe, precious :ncenfe, ( Heb. 9· 4·) and the Blood of the Sacrifices, to render God favourable to them. Now thefe we re lhadows of what Chrill was to perform. :rhe Holy 'of Holies wasthe Type of the third Heaven, in its Situation, Quality and Furniture. _ For it was the moll fecret part of the Tabernacle, feparated by a double Vail, by that which was between it and the firll SanCtuary, and by another that di!!inguilh'd the firll ·from the outward Court. Thus the Heaven of Heavens' is the moll dillimt part of the Univerfe, and feparated from the lower Wo.rld, by the ~tarry Beaven,. and by the Airy R.egion, which reaches down to the Earth. Befides, the moll holY, Part ofthe Tabernacle, was inacceflible to Sinners : As Heaven is lli!ed by the Apoflle' the Place of btJt,cefjible Light. And it was the Throne ofGod where he reigned : According to the Language of the Pfalmill, He dwelt between the Cherubims, Pfal. 89:' r . The lii&ures of the Cherubims reprefented the Myriads of Holy Angels, that adore tl;Ie incompJ 1 ehenfible Deity, and are always ready to execute his Commands. The Tabl'1 of the La_w W<re a symbql of that infinite Wifdom and Ho!inefs which ordained them·: And the High Priells entering with the Blood of the Sacrifice, and carrying with him all the Tribes o['l}rael,upon 'b)! Breafl, fignified that Jefus Chrillthe true Fl,igh Prk!l. after he'had really cle'xpiated, fin by his Oi- . vihe Sacrifice in the lower World, fi1ould enter into the eternal st'naluary with his own Blood , and introduce with him all his People. ,Of this there .was a marvellous Sign given: For in the fame moment that Chrill expired, the Vail of the Temple that fepara- . ' . ted