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in Contrivin~ Man'1 Redemption. :~~ :~~.~~~e t'r~~ t~:dlil~th~:ityw:~Je~~;~':'c, ~~~:~fn~~ ~e~~~~t~Iel£ tO f:fd'~~e .~~~~ cial end of his afcending is expreft by the Apof[]e, Heb. 9· 24- For Chrifl is not entered ~ in/() the Holy Places 1Jiade with Hand.r, which ar~ the Fis11res of the tme; ~ut _ into Heave~t ;:,{~f;h;;'~a~~ed~e~d ~:r:(;;l;;;r;;:,e t,;;>~~ufd";;~piti!! ~~~~~;::~~r!~~TI~~ ~~t~~~~~ of the Slain Sacrifice : So our Redeemer fir([ performed what was necelfary for the Expiation of fin , and then paft through the vifible Heavens, and afcended before the Throne ~~ ~~tdt~~k~e~~t!:eiff,::to~~sat~ H~~:~d~h~c~bf:t:h~ ~~~~~~~tfo~t~f ~f:tt~i:~[; Office. The fi1i was a proper Sacrifice, thefecond is a Commemoration of it: Therefore he is laid to appear before his F<ther by Sacrifice, Heb. 9· 26. Befides what hath been difwurs'd of the Order and Dependance of thefe parts of his Prieftly Office, which proves that he had accomplifh'd the Expiation of Sin,_ before _he was admitted into Heaven to intercede for us; there aretwootherConfiderattonswhJch manifeft the compleatne~of his Satirfa/Jion. I. The manner of hiS'Iriterceflion. 2. Its omnipotent Efficacy. I. The manner of it. He doth not appear in the.fonri of a Suppliant upon his Knee5 before the Throne, offering up Tears and ftrong Cries as in the day of his Flefh, but He fits ~tt God'.1 ~ight Hand _malzit;g lnter;effionJ?r 1t.r. He foilicits O?r.Salv.ation, not as .a pure Favourrohun, butasthe Pnce ofh1sSutfermgs, and as due to h>S mlimte Merit. His Blood in the fame manner pleads for our Pardon, as the Blood ofrighteousAbelcall'dfor Vengeance againft the Murderer: Not by an qriic11/ate 'Voice, but by fuing to Juftice for a full recompence of it. In fhort, his lnterceflion is the continual Reprefentation of his mort worthy Paflion. · · . . , . . · · 2. The omnipotent Efficacy of his lntercetrion proves that God is fully fatislied. He ;~~~s ujfr~n~ ~~~ftn:e~EX~~; ~~h~J:!:!~ !':h ~~!~a~h~j~?c%~~~ujl1;~,~~~e~:t he is the Pfopitia'tion for ottr Sins, aitd notfof o11rs only, h11f>jor the jiJts of the whole World, 1 Joh. 2. 2 . He difarms the Anger of God, and hinders the Etf~crs afhis Indignation againft repenting Sinners. Now the Pre'valency of his Mediation is grounded. on the PerfeClion of his Sacrifice. The BlelfednefsofHeaven is conferr'd onJlHievers according to his Will, Father, I wiU that thofe whom tho1t haft given tJJe, be with me where l~tm, to fee mj Glory, Joh. I7. 24. His Requeft is etfecrual, not only becaufe he is ,God's Son, and in -~fsh;~ ~~~s 0~~;~~~~h~it~b:'g~~~h~r~!~~~it~~si~u~~~~unicaqie t~ ~ny Creature. There is one·God.., and one Mer[iatOr between God and Man, the Man Chrijl 'jejiu, who gttve himfelfa rnnfom for all, I Tim. 2. 5· The Apiljlle makes a Pa~allel between the Vnity of the Mediator, and of the Deity, which is mof[ facred and inviolable. For the Right of Infetceffion, .as 'tis an aJtth'ofitative Afr, is founded in ~edemption; they 'cannot be divided, And· we may obferve by the way; how the Popifh Docrrin thaferecrs as many Advocates, as Angel!, or Saints, or whoever are Can011i/d; is guilty'ofimp_iety aiid FoUy,'i Of Impiety, ih 'taking the Sovereign Crown from the Head ol Chrift to adorn others with ~;a~~~~~z~~t;~h=i~"e;t~/;~~~0~h~rh~~~t~~~~~aro~0~er~0~oo~:~~rte i~=~~ The numerous Ad vacates that are-conceived byfuperflitious·Perfons in their Fanci<S are liketlie counterfeit Suns, t!\at"are drawn in th~ Clouds by, Refletrim\ as ,il)'· a Glafs Ch): (hi . . . "' ' '" WhiCh although ~hey Chine. with_ a conliderable Brightnefs, yet they are only .s?iis In ap.. r,:::;':;,{:,~ :~a~~j~;~~~;~~'Ja~~Lf~~~~~~~~li~"{~~"~[Ji~~~e:u}::]s~· yeJ;~n~~;~~B~~~fi~ t~~~ ~!:':!EtJ;: by meritoriolts 'interceding for them. We obtain Grace atld Glory only upon the reqt~e{ls of:!r~ /,u, ~i~I ~:~~:~:~~oBb:<flJ;r~~ tc;,su~i~~~~rfot:flh~~tf;t~~~/:a~.ur~{isfa~~~ni~~ fu: :t.;~~~ .. ftiCe, by hrs !ntetcefd'on he follicit':' Mercy for !JS i and theY. both joy.n tOgether with ~7;. fame readmefs and war~rh. to dif~~nf~ ,tn~ Benefits·which he pu1chafed for his Peo- . Third~, The complearnefs of his fati~f;itrion is full~ priJved by the glorious Ilfue, of Ins Sulfefl~gs : This will be moft evident by confidering the Connexion and Depen-· dance whrch his Glory hatli upon h_is Humili~ti'On: And that is twd[old. t. A