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7he, Harmony of the 'Divine Attributes i"'...A-/i r. A dependance of Ordor. His Abafement and Sufferings were to precede his Majefly Chap. 14. and Power: as in Nature things pafs from a lower flare to Perfection. This Order was ~~:tr~fh~ d~d'n~~i~~l~r~r;~~~~~rc~~:([;~;;{i?ilo;~:v~l~~~~~~~~~~g~~ ~o~;a~fe ~d/~~~ io) cui nihil altation ( o ). He was firft: made a little lower tha1z the A11gcls 1 and after raifi:d above tbem. !t.;it~::f:E de~l~r~ddbr~~~a~~eo~~:~~~~~ h~;,~;[jh;~~fl~e;,:~dh~!a~;! 5o~~~~:~~~·,o ~~ib!~~:~~e~Ie ~£t:1.~~ ;t1( a~ :fehN!;;; o~]e}u~t!::;hJln:;~~:~J~~; 4ili~ ~::; :f;~:t ~~;:g~~bv;t :~:'tr~';;;~ c:u_r~smag"i!u·pay to him. Thh Exaltation is correfpondent to the degrees of h1s Abafement. His Bo~ ~;;~{/{r~.Phn. dy was renored. to Life and Immortaliry, and afcended on a bright Cloud. God's Cha- .:~ riot being attended wirh Aogtls, and the evcrlajling Gates opened to receive the Kil;g of GlorJ, he is fet down at the .-ight Hand of the Throne of the M.'ifcfiJ i': Heaven, Heb. 8. I. this fignifies that Divine Dignity to which he is advanced, next to hiS Father. For God being an infinite Spirit, hath neither ri ght nor left hand in flrict fenfe. Our Redeemers Honour is the fame, and his Empire of the fame extent with his Fathers.. Thus the Apo" f\le interprets the words of the Pfalmifl, Pfai. rto. r. that the Mcj}iah fbould ft at the right ba11d of God, ti/J be made his Enemies bis Footflool, by reigning; for ht 111Hji reign tiO hehtlthputaUhisEnemies1mderhisFeet. 1 Cor. 15 . 25. And St. Peter tells us, Thnt the Father hath made him Lord ~nd Chrifl: That is, by a So· vereign Trufl bath committed to him the Government of the Church, and the World: .Not devefling himfelf of hiselfential Dominion, but exerci!ing it by Chrifl. The height of this Dignity is emphatically fet forth by the Apoflle, Eph. t. 11. The Father hathfeat· td him at his OWl! right hand in the Heavenly places, far ttbove ttll Principalities, and Powers, and .'>light, and Dominion, (which Titles fignify the fevera l degrees of Glory among tht _Angels) and every Name that is nttmed not only ill this 1'Vorld, but thttt whichi.ttocome: That is, hath given him a tranfcendent and incommunicable Glory ; the ufe of Name! ~i~1~d;g~fih~h~~,~~'i ~~:1~~~~ M!~ :f[ri.~d ~efu~~et~~eT~t~:n~~ ~~dcr~~~f~; their .Eternal Decifion from him. Now in this Oeconomy of our Mediator, his Humiliation was the caufe of his Exaltation upon a double account : I. As the Death of Chrifi was an Exprellion of fuch Humility, fuchadmirableObedience to God, fuch Divine Love to Men, that it was perfectly pleafing to his Father, and his,~~he; ~~~~~ ~fu~h~~;i~~s0f;; s~:i!fa~~~fo'}:n:~:,d :~·d when he had done that Work he was to enter into refl. It behovedChrifltofajfir, and to enter into Glory, Luke 24. o6. Tis true, Divine Honour wasdueto him upon another Title, as the Son of God: But the receiving of it was deferr'd by Difpenfation for a time. Firfl he mufl redeem us, and J~~n :~~gf~que!~~os~;;p~~::;te:r";{x~\~[o~ ;;t~infJe~~s :~~allh:e~e~ol~n~~i~'J;d~~~~~ ed 011rShu, he fat down on the right hmd of the MajcfiJ on high. And after he had made one Sacrifice for Sins, forever fat down on the right Hand of God, Heb. 10. 12. And not only tl)e Will of the Father, but the Nature of the thing it felf required thit Way of proceeding. For Jefus Chrifl by voluntary fufception undertaking to fatisfie the< Law for us, as he was .obliged to fuffer what was necelfary in order to our Redemption,. (o 'twas reafonable after Ju(tice was fatisfied, that the humane Nature thould be freed· from its Infirmites, and the Glory of his Divine be fo confpicuous, that everJ Tong11e fhoulri conftfs that Jefus 'who was difpifed on Earth, is fupreme Lord. The Apoflle fums up all together in that triumphant Challenge, Rom, ,8. 34, 35· Who UJaU laJ anJ thing to the c"hargeof,God'} Eief1? 'Tis God thatj11jlijiu, who is he that condemneth? 'ThChrifi that died, yeA rather i; ~if'en agttin; who is even ttt the right hamJ qjGod, who nlfo mttl{etb lnterceffonforus. 3· The dcellent Benefits which God reconciled be[\ows upon us, are the effects and evidences of the compleatnefs of Chrifl"s Satisfaction : And thefe are pardon of Sin, Grace and Glory. The Apoflle tells us, (Heb. 7· 1~.) that the Law made nothing perfef1: All its Sacrifices and Ceremonies could not expiate the Guilt, nor cleanfe the flain of !~~·offi~i~%h~t~;~if,~;~fo~s ;v:~l~~ ~~:r,:~;p~d~~~~ t~~b.' ;;_rf;~io;~ hi~1w~h~frat~ full Juflification, Renovation and tomriiunion with God: Therefore his Sacrifice, the Meritorious Caufe of procuring them, mufl be perfefr. r. Our Juflification is the Effefr of his Death: For the Obligation of the Law is made void by it. God forgivet rts o11r, Trefpaffes, blot~i(;g out . the Hand-writing of Ordi11ances that waJtzg~inft HI, and took it 01st ofthe wa;, nailing it to !JhCro[s, Col. 2 . 14. The