Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVERTED. 157 age ofthe Lord. You are unfit for any holv work, and do nothing that is truly pleasing to God. You are without any promise or assurance of his protec- ~ion, and live in continual danger of his justice, not knowing what hour you may be snatched away to hell, and most certain to be lost if you die in that condition; and nothing short of conversion can prevent it. Whatever civilities, or amendments, are short of true conversion, will never procure the saving of -your souls. Keep the true sense of this natural misery, and so of the necessity of conversion on your hearts. And then you must understand what it is to be converted; it is to have a new heart or disposition, and a new conversation. Quest. I. For what must we turn? .Jlnsw. For these ends following, which you may attain: 1. You shall immediately be made living members of Christ, and have an interest in him, and be renewed after the image of God, and be adorned with all his graces, and quickened with a new and heavenly life, and saved from the tyranny of Satan, and the dominion of sin, and be justified from the curse of the law, and have the pardon of all the sins of your whole lives, and be accepted of God, and made his sons, and have liberty with boldness to call him Father, and go to him by prayer in all your needs, with a promise of acceptance; you shall have the holy Ghost to dwell in you, to sancti~y and guide you; you shall have part in the brotherhood, communion, and prayers of the saints; you shall be fitted for God's service, and be freed from the dominion of sin, and be useful and a blessing to the place where you live; and shall have the promise of this life and that which is to come; you shall want nothing that is truly good for you, and your necessary afflictions you will be enabled to bear; you may have some taste of communion with God in the Spirit, especially in all holy ordinances, where God prepareth a feast for your souls; you shall be heirs of hea-