Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

158 A C.ALL TO ven while you live on earth, and may foresee by fatih the everlasting glory, and so may live and die in peace; and you shall n~ver be so low but your happiness will be incomparably greater than your misery. How precious is every one of these blessings, which I do but briefly name, and which in this life you may receive! And then, 2. At death your souls shall go to Christ, and at the day of judgment both soul and body shall be justified and glorified, and enter into your Master's joy, where your happiness will consist in these particulars: 1. You shall be perfected yourselves; your mortal bodies shall be made immortal, and the corruptible shall put on incorruption; you shall no more be hungry, or thirsty, or weary, or sick, nor shall you need to fear either shame, or sorrow, or death, or hell; your souls shall be perfectly freed from sin, and perfectly fitted for the knowledge, and love, and praises of the Lord. 2. Your employment shall be to behold your glorified Redeemer, with all your holy fellow-citizens of heaven, and to see the glory of the most blessed God, and to love him perfectly, and be beloved by him, and to praise him everlastingly. 3. Your glory will contribute to the glory of the New Jerusalem, the city of the living God; which is more than to have a private felicity to yourselves. 4. Your glory will contribute to the glorifying of your Redeemer, who will everlastingly be magnified and pleased in that you are the travail of his soul; and this is more than the glorifying of yourselves. 5. And the eternal Majesty, the living God, will be glorified in your glory, both as he is magnified by vour praises, and as he communicateth of his glory ~md goodness to you, and as ,he is pleased in you, and in the accomplishment of his glorious work, in the glory ofthe New Jerusalem, and of his S6n. All this the poorest beggar of you that is converted, shall certainly and endlessly enjoy.