Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

THE UNCONVERTED. 159 I II. You see for what you must turn: next you must understand from_what you must turn; and this is, in a word, fi·om your carnal self, which is the and of all the unconverted :-from the flesh that would be pleased before God, and would still be enticing you;-from the world, that i-s the bait; and fi·om the devil, that is the angler for souls, and the deceiver. And so from all known and wilful sins. Ill. Next you must know to what end you must turn; and that is, to God as your end; to Christ as the way to the Father; to holiness as the-way appointed you by Christ; and to the use of all the helps and means of grace afforded you by the Lord. IV. Lastly, You must know by what you umst turn; and that is by Christ, as the only Redeemer and Intercessor; and by the Holy Ghost, as the Sanctifier; and by the word, as his instrument or means; and by faith and repentance, as the means and duties on your part to be performed. All this is ofnecessity. DIRECTION II.-Ifyou will be converted and saved, be much in serious secret consideration. Inconsiderateness undoes the world. Withdraw yourselves oft into retired secrecy, and there bethink you of the end why you were made, of the life you have lived, of the time you have lost, the sins you have committed; of the love and sufferings, and fulness of Christ; ofthedanger you are in; of the nearness of death anti judgment; of the certainty and excellency of the joys of heaven; and of the certainty and terror of the torments of hell, and the eternity of both; and of the necessity of conversion and a holy life. Absorb your hearts in such considerations as these. DIRECTION III.-If you will be converted and saved, attend upon the word of God, which is the ordinary means. Read the Scripture, or hear it read, and other holy writings that do apply it; con-