Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

186 NOW OR NEVER. all his benefits, and would bring me to eternal glory? Are ·these careless, cold, and dull endeavours, my best return for all his mercy? Question 3. Can I do no"more, when my salvation is the prize? when heaven or hell depends upon it? When I know this beforehand, and may see, in the glass of the Holy Scriptures, what is prepared for the diligent and the negligent, and what work there is, and will he for ever, in heaven and hell, on these accounts? Could I not do more, if my house were on fire, or my -estate, or life, or fi-iend, in danger, than I do for my salvation? Question 4. Can I do no more for the souls of men; when they are undone for ever if they be not speed.lly delivered ? Is this my love and compassion to my neighbour, my servant, fhend, or child? Question 5. Can I do no more for the Church of God? for the public good? for the peace and welfare of the nation, and our posterity? in suppressing sin? in praying for deliverance? or in promoting works of public benefit? Question 6. Can I do no more, that have loitered so long? and go no faster, that have slept till the evening of my days, when diligence must be the discovery of my repentance? Question 1. Can I do no more, that know not now but I am doing my last? that see how fast my time makes haste, and know I must be quickly gone? that know it must be now or neve1·. Question 8. Can I do no better, when I know beforehand what a vexatious and heart-disquieting thing it will then be, to look back on time as irrecoverably lost, and on a life of trial as cast away upon impertinences, while the work that we lived for lay undone! Shall I now, by trifling, prepare such tormenting thoughts for my awakened conscience? Question 9. Can I do no more, when I am sure I cannot do too much, and am sure there is nothing else to be preferred?