Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

X.. XX who alone can supply them, then will our call to re-· pent have indeed fulfilled upon you the appointed end of a preparation for the Saviour. But recollect now is your time, and now is your opportunity, for entering on the road of preparation that leads to heaven. We charge you to enter this road at this moment, as you value your deliverance from hell, and your possession of that blissful place where you shall be for ever with the Lord-we charge you not to parry and to delay this matter, no not for a single hourwe call on you by all that is great in eternity-by all that is terrifying in its horrors-by all that is alluring in its rewards-by all that is binding in the authority of God-by all that is condemning in the severity of his violated law, and by all that can aggravate this condemnation in the insulting contempt of his rejected gospel;-we call on you by one and all of these considerations, not to hesitate but to fleenot to purpose a return for to-morrow, but to make an actual return this ve1-y day-to put a decisive end to every plan of wickedness on which yqu may have entered-to cease your hands from all that is forbidden-to turn them to all that is required-to betake yourselves to the appointed Mediator, and receive through him, by the prayer of faith, such constant supplies of the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost, that, . from this moment, you may be carried forward from one degree of grace unto another, and from a life devoted to God here, to the elevation of a triumphant, and the joys of a blissful eternity hereafter. ' T. C. St. Andrew's, October, 1825.